I'm w3 valid. 10-26-2003 15:30
yes, my page is now valid html 4.01.
Valid HTML 4.01!

new drive here 10-10-2003 00:47
I got the new drive and I've got to admit, I'm pretty impressed. I read all the benchmark sites and they basically say it's not the fastest drive but it's quiet and not a bad performer. This thing manages to pull 55mb/sec off hdparm -t. The wd1200jb never really got past 45. Certainly the fastest drive I've ever used.

blah 10-08-2003 22:15
I have a Seagate 160gb SATA drive on the way here, hopefully it will get here tomorrow, as well as a new clock for the car. Only time will tell. I think I updated my desktop pic a while ago, whatever.

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