updated 11-11-2004 23:58
Alright well I updated the hardware section according to the changes. I'm also taking off the slackware link, since I no longer use slackware on any of my computers. Poor slackware, it will be missed. Out with the old, in with the new I guess... In other news I literally have almost every service restored on the new server, it's amazing how much quicker I get things done with gentoo, despite the compile times.

new server! 11-11-2004 22:09
Well xLin is on the 200gb and xPdc is now running gentoo on the 160gb drive. So far so good. I'm surprised how smoothly this has gone. This page is now running on apache 2 as well...

dooms day death drive 11-08-2004 20:05
my 75GXP is finally going. I've got a 200gb seagate SATA drive on the way here and a promise tx2plus controller. I'm going to stick my 160gb in my server and put the 200gb in this comp...Seagate all the way. 5 year warranties on these new drives from what I've been reading...

updates 11-05-2004 23:47
I updated my desktop picture in software and my kernel version in hardware....I don't know why I even put that there, it just makes more work for myself that I don't really care about. Oh well. I've updated the tv section more times than I can remember but I really just use that page to keep track of shit so that's why...I might take it off of here and add something else. Maybe a hobbies section? Who knows...

In other news I got a Cyber Power 1500AVR UPS which I'm so far quiet pleased with, especially considering the price/features ratio. Very good buy IMO. I'm getting a new memory card for my digital camera as well so once that gets here I'll have to take some pictures of the new setup. I managed to reduce the amount of power strips in here a whole bunch because of the UPS and some strategic placement...Again, I'll have to take some pics...

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