new monitor 12-29-2002 19:45
I got a new monitor, it's a 19" and hopefully I'll have some pictures soon. I updated my desktop picture as I now run at 1600x1200 and changed some minor things. All I really did was make gkrellm and xmms a bit taller to fit the now taller screen size. I also added a monitor catagory to the tables in hardware.

updated/new pictures 12-10-2002 16:36
I updated the rack pictures and added "Audio Stuff."

new screenshot 12-04-2002 14:22
I added a new screenshot in the software section. It's #2. I moved the previous 2 to 3. It's openbox using a different theme, I figured I'd put it up there. I updated the picture of my rack too, I finally got a mixer and you can see it on the top. Monday I will most likely update the picture again as I will be adding more to the rack.

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