a whole 100mhz 02-20-2003 20:53
I had a 4th computer, an old compaq in my closet, doing nothing. It's 333mhz so 100mhz faster then the 233, but it wasn't working right with the network card I had in it the last time, it kept trying to boot off it, strangely enough (it's one of those network cards that has a bios on it and lets you boot through a network off another computer and such) but anyway it kept trying to do that and it wasn't really supposed to. I try it again and it's working fine now oddly enough, I figure the position of the pci cards may have had something to do with it, this computer is really screwy like that. You put it on one combination it doesn't work, you try another and bam, but I still don't get how that would relate to it trying to boot off the network card but oh well...damn compaq. Anyhow I'll take 100mhz faster anyday, so that's that. I really need to update all the pictures.

new stuff 02-14-2003 20:17
I havn't updated in a while but heres the news...I've gotten a few new components since my last post. I got a Logitech MX300 mouse and a Western Digital WD1200JB harddrive. I have an aluminum chieftec case and a harddrive cooler on the way here. I'm not sure which computer I'm going to use the cooler on because I had originally bought it for the cheetah x15, which I'm most likely going to sell. It'd probably be better off on my winbox because that computer runs pretty hot (damn slot A athlons.) Anyhow these are the next steps to building my new computer, which I hope will be athlon 64 based. I've got 3 spare harddrives sitting on my counter now, that's something new. A 10gig maxtor from my winbox, an 8 gig that came with this old compaq 4860, you gotta see this thing it's a 5.25" drive made by quantum called a bigfoot, has got to be the worst drive in the world, then of course I have the cheetah x15. If you had told me a year ago that I would be replacing the x15 with an IDE drive that is faster I probably would have laughed but I benched this wd1200jb and i'm getting 45mb/sec unlike the cheetah which gets around 37mb/sec. The cheetahs seektime is a shitload better then the wd but the wd has an 8mb cache to make up for it, and the cheetahs cache is half that, ranking in at 4mb. Off to ebay with that. Next on my list of things to buy is: 4in/4out usb midi adapter, mousepad, gamepad, keyboard, motherboard, processor, ram, and powersupply. This will all be done by the end of the year I hope. I also forget to mention in the last post that I got a new video card, a ti4200 by gainward. My old card now resides in my winbox, this works out well because now I can play games versus people on my winbox. Anyhow, that's it for now.

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