video capturing 03-28-2003 13:16
So I"ve got this video capture setup going on linux. Borrowing a Pinnacle PCTV and have a PCTV Pro on the way here. I've got it using mencoder for encoding live to mpeg4 with ffmpeg and cron jobs that start it all up. It's working well although I'm thinking of trying out this MythTV thing when the pro gets here. I believe it has a remote control that it comes with so that will be pretty neat if I can get it to adjust volume and stuff remotely. I still need to update all the pictures.

new stuff 03-04-2003 14:20
I am no longer using slackware on xLin, I've switched it to Gentoo Linux. My server will remain slackware - I have not the time nor patience to compile gentoo on a 333mhz computer. Slackware 9.0 will be out soon and the server will be upgraded with that. I also bought a RatPadzGS which came today. I'm really liking it although it's taking some getting used to. It's a bit noisy but the more I use it it seems to get quieter. It probably just needs to wear in. It doesn't slide around on my desk at all, so I'm quite happy. My custom made ghetto-pad slid around way too much.

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