server updates 05-24-2003 02:03
The server was updated to Slackware Linux 9. The change was pretty seamless and I manged to do it all in under 2 hours. Only thing I have left to do is setup some game servers which is a quick job, I'll probably do it whenever it's needed. I havn't been running game servers for a while. Anyhow the hardware page is updated to reflect this change.

new section 05-08-2003 21:13
I created a files section containing some stuff I've made which may be of use to someone even though I kind of doubt anyone will download any of them.

more new pics 05-02-2003 22:05
I added an "Air Conditioner" section to the Misc. Stuff table. I got this air conditioner yesterday and ran the tubing into the ceiling today. Did a pretty nice job considering how much I suffered in that extremely hot attic cutting the hole out (I was rushing, you think I wanna be in there? No way.)

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