Holy smokes batman! 06-17-2015 03:00
Wow does this news script still work? Go figure huh? It's funny I mention gentoo in my last news post, but I'm mostly moved to Arch now minus my home server. Just got myself a new X1 Carbon Gen3 which replaced my previous Gen2 that's been sold off. In a throw-back to the golden days of this site, I actually got my Thinkpad T22 working again, and put Arch on it. It wouldn't even boot off the CD, but the thing supports PXEBoot, and it actually worked, pretty impressive for a 14 year old laptop that still has it's original windows 2000 product key stuck on the bottom. It's now my only working computer with a real physical serial and parallel port. That might come in handy some day. It needs a new battery (and bios battery) and I'm hoping to throw a MSATA-to-PATA adapter in there to replace the half-dead 32gb hard drive. And hey, upgrade the ram to 512mb, oh yeah, now we're cookin' with gas! It can't even run chrome or play youtube videos anymore. Sad, but, it was nice trying. The internet has come a long ways from when that was a usable laptop...

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