got ram back 09-27-2003 19:53
Newegg sent the ram back pretty damn quickly and I ran memtest on it for 2 hours, I'm pretty damn sure it's good. All seems well. Having 512mb ram seems pretty nice. Except on windows maybe.

theme script updated 09-22-2003 13:16
My theme script for openbox3 has been updated to support beta4. Get em while they're hot.

figured i'd post an update 09-21-2003 00:29
So one of my sticks of ram was bad. It was RMAed and I'm waiting for the new one to arrive. My WD1200JB also appears to have died, perhaps from the memory writing corrupt data or completely coincidental, but I've tried repair tools, bad block checks, everything I could think of, and nothing seems to help. Oh yeah, and there's the fact it's doing the click of death. I'm going to RMA that as well and buy a 160gb SATA drive, selling the new drive WD sends me on ebay. That's the current plan.

hardware updated blah 09-10-2003 22:04
We all knew this time would come, my new computer is here and the hardware section is updated. No pictures yet. Check check it.

subjects are boring 09-07-2003 14:14
I have updated my tv script so it works with mplayer1.0pre1 and I added my bg script for openbox3 to the files menu. I plan to update the xLin desktop picture after posting this as it's still using openbox2. Among other things the motherboard to my new computer is here and tomorrow hopefully I will get the rest of the parts.

updates and such 09-04-2003 20:22
There is a new script in the files section, a theme menu that uses openbox 3's new pipe menu ability, to provide an ability that openbox 2 provided. Confused? Oh well. Hardware news for once, I have a new computer on the way here. I'm excited as shit as you can probably guess, as I havn't gotten a new computer in years. Here's the specs, although this will eventually be in the hardware section, I'm not putting it in there until it's all here and built.

2.4CGhz P4
Abit IC7-G
2x256mb Corsair XMS 3200LLPT
Swiftech MCX-4000B
90mm fan
Fortron 400w power supply

The rest of the parts will be stuff I already have, like video card, tv card, dvd,etc. I really went all out with this one. No slacking on memory or buying budget parts. I hope to get this thing overclocked to at least 3ghz but only time will tell.

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