new pics 04-30-2003 00:15
I finally updated the pictures. xPdc and xWin have all new pictures. I also added a "My Room" section to the Misc. Stuff table. I have some pics of my fourth "spare" computer. It's xWin's old case with the old xPdc in it. Pretty much have no use for it but I have plans for it which may or may not ever happen.

updates 04-16-2003 22:55
So I returned the PCTV Pro. The picture just looked terrible on linux. I'm guessing it was the tuner on it. I bought a Hauppauge WinTV Radio which is nice. I've got it working well. Radio, digital audio capturing, everything, so I'm happy. I just need to get some nicer coax cables as the ones I have are crappy. Hopefully I'll be doing that tommorow.

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