Here's some things I've made over a period of time and what they do. I don't have licenses at the top of each file or anything but just consider this all GNU GPL v2.

Chef 11 Client + Server Vagrantfile Vagrantfile
This is a vagrant file that can start with a vanilla base image install a chef client / server setup via omnibus. Requires you to download the latest chef-server cookbook from github (not the community page version!) I added apt to the client, but that can be replaced with anything. Requires vagrant1.2. Also requires the vagrant-hostmanager and vagrant-omnibus plugins. Install them with the vagrant plugin install command

Knife setup for vagrant knife.rb
This knife.rb works with the above setup in order to provide a working knife client on your physical machine to upload cookbooks and the like into your chef VM.

Pipe Menu Background Script bg
This can be used to set your background as a front end to the numerous background-setting commands, as well as being an openbox 3 pipe menu.

Pipe Menu Theme Script theme
This is a pipe menu theme script for openbox 3 in bash.

Multi-Destination Copy cpm
This just passes arguments to cp in a for loop. The -m option should be used at the very end. Example usage: cpm -r blah -m blah1 blah2 blah3

Emerge Failsafe emerge-failsafe
A small little script that keeps portage going even when something fails. Optional -s argument to sync/eupdatedb first.

Portage Query Tool etool
This is a complete portage query tool that I made. It's a lot quicker than qpkg for the operations it supports.

HTB Bandwidth Limiter htb_limiter
I made this specifically for use with museek however it works with anything. A pretty generic bandwidth limiter.

Kitties Gaim Smiley Theme kitties.tar.gz
A black cat smiley theme for Gaim.

Hamburger Gaim Smiley Theme burger.tar.gz
A hamburger smiley theme for Gaim.

Now Playing Script np
This script takes a filename (from xmms-file or beep-file, you'll have to provide your own) and parses ID3 tags out of it. It requires id3lib.

NVidia Overclocking Script nvclock_oc
This simple script overclocks my video card with nvclock. If you really want to use this then be sure to change the clock and memory speeds for your card.

Museek Starter Script museek
This is a script to start up museek. It takes multiple options, including ones to rescan, start museeq, start mucous, close on exit, etc.

TV Recording Script tv
This one's my favorite. It can accept many command line parameters and uses mplayer/mencoder. I usually run it from cron.

xdownload-bin xdownload
This script pops a terminal up and starts up wget with the parameters you specify. I don't really use it anymore but someone might find it useful. It requires both xdownload and xdownload-bin. You'll need to edit xdownload to correctly set the location of xdownload-bin.

Here's some config files which might be useful to someone, who knows.

Openbox Menu menu.xml
My openbox menu file

Mutt Configuration Files muttrc
My muttrc and color files accordingly

X settings xorg.conf
The Xmodmap allows me to use all the buttons on my Logitech MX300, along with the Protocol and the ZAxisMapping in xorg.conf. Xresources sets my cursor to the whiteglass theme.

Lirc Configuration File lircrc
I use this with my homemade IR receiver.

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